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DMK is at your side for all your needs and problems related to polypropylene production processes and machines, especially with thermoforming molds. We have a team formed by highly experienced people that worked in leading thermoform mold firms in Turkey. We value Hight Tech, Experience, Customer Satisfaction adn Team Work.

We provide services in Thermoform Mold Production, Mold Revision and Repair, Mold Part Production, Shaping Machine Revision and Repair, Printing Machines Revision and Repair.Please contact us to provide custom designs and solutions for your needs as well as our abilities below.

Mold Production, Revision and Repair

  • MOLD FOR Rigid Plastic Packaging

    DMK manufactures high-quality rigid plastic packaging molds for the food, beverage, dairy, industrial, and healthcare industries.Plastic Cups

    Rigid Plastic Cups

    DMK molds for rigid plastic cups are used in the food service and retail industry to package anything from cream to dips to insecticides. The possible product applications are boundless. Cups are precision thermoformed to run on high-speed fill/seal packaging machines. These cups are sealed using a heat sealable flexible lid. DMK offers packaging machine parts and flexible lids to compliment a wide selection of plastic cups.Plastic Trays

    Rigid Plastic Trays

    DMK offers a variety of rigid plastic trays including unique shapes and others with multiple pockets. These trays are typically used for case-ready meat and poultry, as well as prepared foods applications.Custom Containers

    Custom Plastic Containers

    DMK has the capability to develop and manufacture uniquely shaped, custom, or proprietary container molds. DMK brings packaging ideas to life. Custom possibilities include unique shapes, decorations, which will bring products instant recognition.

  • Production of Cut-In-Place mold
  • Stationary mold production
  • Termform mold repairs and revisions
  • Thermoforming Mold Replacement Parts
  • Manufacture of specially designed insert, impeller, felt (high tech) for your existing molds

Shaping, Printing and Packing Machine Parts

  • Packing Machine Parts
  • Offset Printing Machine Parts
  • Special Cooled Mold Spare Parts
  • Plastic Cup Foil Closing Machine Parts
  • Printing Clishe Puching Machine Production
  • Sleev Machine Parts

Machine Revision and Repair

  • Thermoform Shaping MAchine Reviision and Repair
  • Offset Printing Machine Revision and Repair

Manufacturing Process

  • Permanent solutions to the quality problems of polypropylene cup manufacturing process
  • Improvements, speed and productivity enhancements and approaches in all production processes
  • Providing solutions to cap or cover problems encountered in buttermilk or fruit juice, yoghurt and similar filling lines

Drawing, Design and Other Works
  • Making new designs with AutoCAD and Solid Works drawing programs
  • CNC C spindle lathe and CNC machining center and manual lathe and milling works

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